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Borgobianco Resort & Spa (Bari)

5 Star

Perched high on top of a rocky headland the Borgobianco Resort is set amongst golden green olive groves in the Puglia countryside. Situated just outside the picturesque coastal town of Polignano a Mare, this five star luxury resort is an enchanting echo of local traditions cleverly entwined with an elegance of refined lifestyle.

The white-washed architectural style recreates an atmosphere of old country houses in stunning contrast to the natural surrounding landscape with the old charm of a warm and friendly Puglia hospitality.

Enjoy an excellent and genuine cuisine, rooted deep in local traditions, Mediterranean flavours and fragrances accompanied with an excellent selection of locally produced wines.

The Borgobianco Resort is a place to unwind in rural surroundings and simply let the world go by, but exploring the surrounding area you’ll discover a whole world unpretentiously hidden in olive groves and vineyards.