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A small island with an intriguing history boasting a diverse culture influenced by a blend of North African, Sicilian and Greek aspects. Tucked away just 96 kilometres south of Sicily, this stunning Mediterranean jewel is brimming with a majestic charm, chic harbour towns and scenery that transforms from rocky coves to rolling hills. The island's history is displayed everywhere like an open-air museum with the UNESCO-listed capital, Valletta bearing the greatest honours including the 16th-century St John’s Cathedral and Casa Rocca Piccola. Valetta is also home of the majestic Manoel Theatre, one of the most important arts venues in Malta hosting operatic performances, poetry recitals and pantomimes. The Grand Harbour is bustling with activity where you can enjoy an al fresco lunch or perhaps a spot of scuba diving.

Malta's coastline is untamed, rugged and wildly beautiful with a few sandy beaches most of situated in Melliaha Bay and there are plenty of opportunities to soak up the sun.

Sliema, once a quiet fishing village is now transformed into a cosmopolitan hub of trendy cafés, restaurants and shops. Following the promenade will bring you to the neighbouring St Julian’s, where Malta’s night-life hub comes alive and partying carries on until the early hours of dawn.

Malta is an exceptional destination for families with wide choice accommodation options, sedate beaches and a host of activities to explore whether it's mountain biking, hiking, scuba diving will lend pleasure to your enthusiasm. Many of Malta's carnivals are open-air events where the whole family can enjoy and participate. Sightseeing is simply overwhelming as there is much to see and experience but well worth the effort.